Degree in Fine Art, Slade School, London University



Abstract Paintings

When Abstraction is required or needed, the artist resolves the ‘essence’ of a subject into codes, using signs, symbols, or marks for the expression of an idea. The result can be quite graphic.

Anchorman - Maquette

The ‘Anchorman’ idea illustrates the feeling for this historic subject, shown here as a 3D sketch idea, called a Maquette -made in papier-mache for the client to see. It is only an idea to discuss, not a finished replica reduced. Coloured Resin being the finished media on a steel armature. The jaunty gesture has a message of a work ethic- this man enjoys going to work.

Anchorman - Sculpture

The ‘Anchorman’ sculpture is now placed on Bridlington Harbour Comissioners' Office: 2015


Watching the movement of birds give many humans pleasure, as each has its own distinctive colour, character and behaviour.

Birds (Abstract)

These computer generated images show the range of versatility using a line pen and brush. The facility is similar to that expression I used in my early years when I did drawings with a stick pen and mushroom ink.


This Boar originates from the Ufizzi Museum and has a reproduction at Castle Howard in the Boar Garden, and is suitable as a classical study for sculptors to observe.

Boxing Series New York

These painted images were created at ringside in New York at Madison Square Garden. The etchings were produced from sketches later and exhibited at The School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, New York: I know that boxing is considered too violent by many, but I believe that boxing is an artistic as well as physical endeavour. I feel I have captured something unique in my studies, which have been made direct from live experience.

Bridlington Harbour

Bridlington Harbour is the centre piece of the town and a resource for images at all times of the day.

Dick Turpin

I have always been fascinated by this legend from childhood days and I wanted to explore imaginative images about him.


Many people asked me to draw or paint their dogs at Castle Howard when I was Artist in Residence there, here are some examples.

Ecclesiastical Images

Having a Church of England upbringing, stained glass images and medieval art has an influence on me.


Statues become Sculptures when they have a sense of implied movement, a poise capturing a significant moment in time.


I was asked to depict the Fishermen, or seafarers back on shore to furbish the new Fishing Compound at Withernsea, East Yorkshire, in 2014.


The idea of about five running hares was the subject for Carnaby Village Traffic Island, to be placed on the original dome-shaped grass mound. It was suitable for this Rural Village. Here are some sketches as ideas.


The Helmsman was a sketch Maquette design idea for the South Shore Traffic Island at Bridlington. Decision pending.

Landscape Drawing

The original ‘spidery’ style was achieved by using a stick pen and dissolved Inkcap( mushroom) ink. Look for buildings within the trees.

Landscape Paintings (Abstract)

Always working outside on location at Castle Howard, allowed a feeling for the elements to infuse the painting.

Landscape Paintings (realism)

Some people identify landscape with scenes and are more comfortable with reading pictures of a scenic nature, but the quality of the pigment and the artist’s mark make a definition superior in human terms from the photograph. Art is made by humans for humans and is a sophisticated visual language which connects and communicates ‘feelings'.


Some ideas and Maquettes of Monks, designed for Priory Green, Bridlington, to add a sculptural and a spiritual presence to the environment.


I have produced several large murals in Public spaces, ‘The Swans’ for The Octagon Centre, Burton upon Trent. ‘Musicians’ for Jackson’s Corner, Bridlington. ‘Swimmers’ for the outside of the Swimming Pool, Bridlington. A Bas-relief 3D Sculpture Mural of ‘fishermen caulking their boats’, for the new Withernsea fishing Compound, (FLAG), East Yorkshire in 2014.


To draw in perspective requires keen perception and a natural eye, with observation skills to define complexity.


‘Squeeeeeler’ was made for an exhibition and duplicates as an exemplar of Resin as a medium for sculptures as it is easily carried in a car to show clients.


The portrait requires at least three sittings to complete, two hours per session.